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Call Analytics: Planning and Reacting to Customer Calls

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Why Call Analytics Matters

Call analytics refers to accessing and analyzing phone conversation data to gain valuable and applicable insights. An automated call monitoring solution with call analytics can have numerous benefits. From enhancing contact center agents’ skills to boosting sales and improving marketing strategies, call monitoring and speech analytics solutions can have a tremendous impact on a business.

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But this impact doesn’t always have to come through big overhauls to company policies or departments. Listening to what customers want can also deliver amazing overall results through smaller changes. Here are five simple but effective ways to utilize call analytics for reacting to customer calls.

1. Improve Company Website

You may think you have the best website ever. But if your customers are having difficulty navigating or finding something on your company’s website, it needs improvement. With call analytics, you can search call transcripts for phrases related to your website, or look at the overall sentiment of the conversation.

If you find that customers don’t know where to go for help, for instance, you need to improve your help center. Contact center managers can create reports related to issues with the help center. Then they can work with IT departments to tweak the website so that is more user friendly and easier for people to navigate.

2. Create an FAQ Section

Similar to website improvements, you can use call analytics to create useful marketing or educational materials. If you find that callers ask the same questions or want the same information during their calls, this can be used to create a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. This can be in the form of a sharable PDF, or on a page or section on your website.

Not only is this more convenient for customers, but it is easy to update a PDF or website content whenever needed. Your agents can also have this on hand when answering calls to improve FCR rates and other contact center APIs.

3. Bundle Product Offers

Call analytics can also detect when callers inquire about specific products or services. Companies can see if callers ask about different products and services in the same call, and determine if it makes sense to bundle them at a special price in a sales promotion. This will be incredibly convenient to both the customer and the company.

4. Detect Keywords for Marketing

When analyzing phone conversations, you may pick up commonly used words or phrases that highlight customers’ positive reactions. You can search for phrases, such as “efficient,” or “great service,” or “time-saving.” These words and phrases can be highlighted in future marketing campaigns to entice and bring in more potential customers.

5. Influence New Product Development

Just as it can detect positive reactions, call analytics can also identify negative terms about your products, such as “too complicated” or “time-consuming.” This info is very useful when developing new products. Often knowing what not to do is just as important as knowing what customers are looking for and the best means of delivering it to them.

These are just a few of the ways call analytics can improve overall business processes. Businesses that use speech analytics have an advantage over the competition in many ways. Learn how in a 15-minute demo.

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