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Automated Call Scoring: Focus On Customer Experience


In days past, businesses operated with a market-centric strategy, meaning their focus was primarily on their products and how best to sell them to the public. But times have changed, and businesses now understand that in order to be successful, they must instead be customer-centric. Customers wield far more power today than ever before, and keeping them happy is vital. But while some think this happiness is achieved by providing low prices and enticing promotions, studies show what customers really desire when interacting with a business is a great experience.

With the right goals and tools like automated call scoring, any business can ensure they always provide such an experience.

Real Customer Feedback with Speech Analytics

In order to have a truly customer-centric business model, obtaining customer feedback is vital. However, while many businesses believe the feedback they currently have is sufficient, most strategies used to collect customer opinions, such as surveys and comment cards, either do not contain sufficient feedback or represent too small a sampling of customers. Incidentally, any strategies implemented based on this feedback ultimately proves to be less than successful.

Fortunately, businesses do have access to a source of the most accurate customer feedback: the phone call. Every phone conversation that takes place between a business and its customer contains a treasure trove of information that provides amazing insights into the customer mindset. And with a call monitoring solution like speech analytics, these conversations can be rapidly scanned to detect key words and phrases, ultimately revealing trends and patterns that reveal what customers really want.  Businesses can then use these results to make informed business decisions that reflect the true voice of the customer.  It’s customer feedback that really works.

Call Scoring to Evaluate & Improve CX

With automated call scoring, businesses can evaluate how their agents are handling calls on both group and individual bases. This capability enables a business to provide feedback to individual agents as well as the whole team within a contact center — feedback they can use to improve their performance and increase customer satisfaction. Call scoring involves comparing agents’ performance against a set, predetermined standard. Because call scoring compares each agent’s performance against a uniform standard, everyone’s work is evaluated using common criteria. This eliminates bias and improves quality management equally across the board.

Everyone Affects the Customer Experience

Every single department in a business ultimately contributes to the customer experience, so it doesn’t make any sense for only front-facing employees such as contact center agents to be concerned with it. Unfortunately, far too many businesses are still operating within silo environments, isolating departments from each other and making interoffice communications stilted. As a result, customers often find themselves being passed around from department to department and having to constantly repeat their information, all of which leads to frustration and not a good experience.

In order to create a smoother customer journey, businesses must break down these silos and create an environment that both encourages and facilitates communication between departments. Also, all departments should have easy access to customer information such as data logs and a speech analytics solution, so that working together to successfully keep customers happy is an efficient and productive process. When a business is able to work together for a common goal, it is the customer who ultimately benefits.

Providing a consistently excellent customer experience takes both time and commitment, but the results are completely worth it. If a customer always has a good experience with a business, the more loyal they will be to that business and its brand, and they will share their satisfaction with others. It’s a truly customer-centric way of thinking.

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