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4 Reasons to Start Using Audio Mining Software Today


Are you utilizing audio mining software in your contact center? If not, what are you waiting for? Audio mining software provides organizations with a wealth of data that can be used to make important business decisions to improve the bottom line. Because the software searches call recordings in real time, this data can be put to use immediately.

Here are 4 important reasons to start using audio mining software today:

To monitor agent productivity and performance

A contact center is only valuable to its customers, clients, and prospects if the agents who work there are performing their jobs at the highest level. It starts with hiring the right people, but companies also need to be evaluating and training their agents on an ongoing basis to maintain high quality service. Audio mining software provides managers with call center reporting metrics that include script compliance, average call handling time, first call resolution rates, and more. Managers can use this data to determine what’s working and what’s not and train and educate agents accordingly. Agents can be monitored individually by using employee tracking codes.

To increase customer satisfaction

Keeping your customers happy should be the number one priority of every business today. After all, customers ultimately determine whether a company thrives or dies. The contact center is at the front lines of customer communication, which is why audio mining software should be used to properly analyze the voice of the customer. Unlike manual processes, audio mining software is able to record and mine all calls, ensuring that no important customer insight is lost and since the data is delivered in real-time dispute resolution can be expedited. Data including call abandon rates, call conversion rates, call transfer rates, and call wait times can all be analyzed to make improvements in the customer experience.

To improve marketing and sales efforts

Unlike traditional market research tactics that may take weeks or more for results, businesses that use audio mining software have access to data that comes directly from customer interactions in minutes. The marketing team can search for keywords to analyze response to products or campaigns. Sales agents can search for keywords in order to find up-sell and cross-sell opportunities.

To manage risk and compliance

Call center agents must adhere to rules and regulations in regards to customer security and privacy. Audio mining software provides compliance officers in the legal department with important data that ensures that agents are compliant when speaking with customers.

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