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Analyzing Agent Performance: Presenting Data Evidence to Employees for Improvement


Analyzing agent performance in a call center really shouldn’t be something done behind the scenes if that call agent wants to improve. Here at CallFinder, we’ve created an innovative software that helps analyze what needs to improve through the process of recording calls and speech analysis. We encourage you to work with your employees to take that accurately valuable information and use it to bring demonstrable improvement to your company.

In what ways should you share that information with your employees? In most cases, the more open and honest you are with the data, the better.

Sharing the Data with a Call Agent

A call agent who needs to improve should hear their own phone calls and see the speech analysis data to confront exactly what needs to improve. This should be done in private meetings so no one else will hear those recordings. When an agent can actually hear what they’re doing, it increases the chances of visualizing what they need to do in making their call performance better.

Likewise, don’t be afraid to share the positive data with them either. In that scenario, all positive data can be presented in a group meeting as a method toward creating better office morale. This gives your call agents a stronger incentive toward upholding what they’re doing right.

Create Reachable Goals

When presenting the above evidence, you should make it clear exactly what you want to accomplish so the call agent understands. If you have expectations that are impossible to meet, you should study our CallFinder analysis on your own and see what can logically work and what can’t. A call agent can only improve if you set expectations that are reasonable rather than impossible.

Giving Rewards for Obtaining Those Objectives

Providing monetary or other meaningful rewards for successfully achieving better customer service can also provide a drive in your call agent to improve. Performance on the phone always has to be improved through attitude and how the person really feels. A customer on the other end can tell through the call agent’s tone of voice whether there’s true enthusiasm in what they’re saying.

Rewards and a positive belief in what they’re doing creates a happier call center environment and more engaged customers.

Have a Call Agent Work with a Mentor

One way to save time in training a call agent is to pair them up with a more experienced call agent who has a proven track record of success. Having them work together can help the newer customer agent pick up on things while also using our CallFinder data as a guide. Combining these will help bring a best practices tutorial without having to bring in outside trainers that cost money and time.

Yes, with our CallFinder software, you can truly bring about call center improvement in ways not possible just a few years ago. With detailed information at your fingertips, there’s no more guessing game on finding the elusive things that need to improve in the art form of customer service over the phone.

Contact us if you want to find out more about our software, how you can get it, and the amazingly detailed features you’ll have.

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