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How Contact Centers Achieve Customer Experience Goals

Achieve Customer Experience Goals with Speech Analytics

While wishing to improve your company’s customer experience levels is an admirable-and necessary-goal, it’s not enough.  To achieve customer experience goals, you need to know what kind of experience it is you wish to provide your customers, and the best way to accomplish this is by listening to the customers, themselves.  While some companies use surveys to determine what their customers want, the information obtained only tells part of the story, as surveys only ask the questions that the company thinks to ask (if the customer even takes the survey, at all).  But there are so many issues and suggestions customers may have that they’re not voicing, but which are invaluable to helping a company provide a superior experience.  Fortunately, all this can be discovered via the contact center with tools like speech analytics and agent scorecards.

Use Speech Analytics to See Where Improvements Can be Made

It’s obviously important to address and resolve any negative experience your customers may have with your company, especially with today’s customers being able to share said experience with others faster and easier than ever before thanks to the internet.  But you can also take it a step further by remedying the issues that customers may not necessarily voice out loud.  For instance, a call monitoring solution like speech analytics can be used to pick up any negative language that may occur in a phone conversation.  Did someone make an offhand comment about the long wait time?  Are there multiple mentions about not being able to find something on your website?  Speech analytics can easily detect and extract these moments in conversations so you can implement improved business processes to remedy these situations.  It helps you achieve a better understanding of your customers and how to improve all aspects of their journey.  Remember: an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

Enhance Agent Performance with Training and Scorecards

Your contact center agents are the primary providers of the customer experience, so it is imperative to ensure they are operating at peak performance.  Unfortunately, a survey showed just 25% of agents felt totally satisfied with their most recent customer service call and 45% of consumers believe there is a disconnect between agents and data which prevents them from providing adequate assistance [1].  Most agents view having the authority and information necessary to resolve the customer’s problem in a timely manner are the most important factors in the customer experience.  That’s why it is so important for agents to have continuous training, with speech analytics being used to provide clear examples of how best to answer certain questions or handle specific situations in a way that satisfies everyone, especially the customers.  And you can also use customized agent scorecards to help keep a detailed account of all metrics for each phone conversation, giving you an accurate view of each agent’s performance.

As you determine the best way to use these solutions to fit your business model, remember that customer expectations are always in flux, so it’s important to regularly use speech analytics and scorecards to provide a consistently excellent experience. With in-depth insights into your customers, your customer experience goals are well within your grasp.

Achieve Customer Experience Goals with CallFinder

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