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4 Ways To Ruin the Customer Experience


A primary byproduct of excellent customer service is a fantastic Customer Experience for the client. Oftentimes, the tendency is for a business to become so focused on their own operating methods, that they can sometimes ruin the experience that the customer has in dealing with a business. We will discuss 4 mistakes to avoid to preserve the Customer Experience:

1) Complicating Procedures

Effectiveness has to be coupled with efficiency. Long and/or complicated registration, payment or feedback processes will frustrate your customer. Their effort should be streamlined to a few simple steps. They should be quoting the Staples® button – that was easy

2) Front-line failure

No matter how automated your business is, customers will probably have to interact with service representatives at some point. Hiring the right people means more than the right skills and qualifications, it means hiring those capable of delivering on values that put the customer at the beginning and end of their delivery

3) Inconsistency

Make sure your employees are up to date and consistent in applying policies. Each time a customer returns, they should receive the same standard. Additionally, try not to play the “I’m not the right person to talk to” game. Direct customers to the appropriate departments and individuals rather than have them run around in circles.

4) Treating all customers the same

This tip stands on the fine line from the one before it. While application of policies should be consistent, customers should feel like their story matters. Learn from each story to develop strategic insights on how to improve the customer experience.

By avoiding these mistakes, you can ensure that your customers will love every interaction with your company and will be thrilled to do business with you.

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