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3 Key Benefits of Customer Call Analysis


Whether a company is making customer service calls or receiving them, all calls should be reviewed with all agents by some level of management for several reasons.

First off, this is the was that the company can learn where most of their customer service calls are stemming from in the first place. While it’s not hearing it straight from a consumer’s mouth, this second hand feedback on the company’s service or product is invaluable. And while management cannot field every call, reviewing calls regularly will give a glimpse into what problems and/or accolades are coming in.

Secondly, it’s important to review calls to see how the call agent handled the situation. While it’s not an assessment of the agent nor a review of his or her performance, it’s important for the management to know how call agents react to customers. If anything stands out, it can be addressed to ensure consistency to customers. A company’s reputation also depends on these calls. By reviewing calls with agents, management can move toward a more credible reputation built on a solid customer service panel. By giving consumers the support they want, need and expect, a company will grow it’s reputation as being easy to work with.

Finally, management should be reviewing calls with agents regularly because this is the best way to find solutions to customer problems. Customers may have potential solutions they think might work. Additionally, reviewing calls will give management insights into consumer complaints in ways they might not have thought about in the past. This can offer new ways of looking at and solving customer issues.

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