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Move Your Call Center Into The Future With Automated Call Scoring

August 15, 2022 by Morgan Pulitzer

When technology makes things more convenient for us, we welcome it. It’s the reason we no longer use typewriters or rotary phones. So why are so many companies still manually reviewing calls in the call center when there’s a new (and better) way? They probably don’t know about automated call scoring technology.

What is Automated Call Scoring?

An automated call scoring solution like CallFinder Speech Analytics provides call centers with tools to enhance and streamline QA processes. The results are clear. QA managers spend less time listening to calls, and more time coaching agents. This leads to more insights into agent performance and more ways to improve the customer experience. Here are 3 ways CallFinder can bring any contact center out of the past, and into the future.

1. Uncover Proactive Coaching Opportunities

Manual QA often means assessing a very small call sample for evaluating agent performance. This fails to give a comprehensive overview of your agents’ strengths and weaknesses, so coaching tends to be more random. CallFinder’s automated scorecards review 100% of your calls, while scoring agents on a pre-determined set of criteria. This consistent and unbiased process provides the data needed to get the full scope of agent performance and develop focused and precise training methods.

2. Empower Agents to Improve Skills

From struggling agents to thriving ones, everyone has room for improvement. CallFinder allows for easy visibility into where each agent lands on the spectrum – from where they shine to where they may need some assistance. Automated call transcripts are extremely helpful in demonstrating strategies used by successful agents, as well as the best ways to handle unforeseen scenarios. Agents receive the opportunity to learn and grow, which gives them more confidence and results in positive customer interactions.

3. Identify Agent Outliers

Imagine an agent has a particularly good (or bad) customer interaction. It deserves special attention, right? But if it’s not one of the randomly selected calls for QA assessment, most likely it will be forgotten. CallFinder’s cloud-based, user-friendly dashboard prominently displays these outliers so they can be addressed. This leads to more focused audits and more accurate evaluations that truly benefit agents and help them develop important call-handling skills.

Learn More About Automating Your QA

If you’re still manually reviewing calls in your call center, it’s time to move on from the past! CallFinder provides the tools you need to keep up with modern technology, and your competition. Download the eBook to learn more about using automated call scoring to improve agent coaching.

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