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How Speech Analytics Brings Value to Many Departments

March 02, 2015 by Morgan Pulitzer

When you think about speech analytics, what’s the first image that comes to mind? If it’s a call center agent, wearing a headset and chatting away with a customer, you aren’t alone. Of course the call center is the first thing that pops into your head. Speech analytics technology assists the call center in many ways. The data retrieved from a speech analytics solution provides key insights into call center agent performance, allowing businesses to make improvements and provide additional training when needed. Yet, that’s really just one component of a speech analytics solution. In addition to tracking agent performance in the call center, it can bring value to other departments as well.

How Marketing Can Use Speech Analytics

Real-time speech analytics provides data straight from the customer in a matter of minutes. How many other market research tools can you say that about? Using a customized search, the marketing team can track the performance of marketing campaigns, promotions, or other key messages. They can also run a search query for specific products, services, brands, or competitors to see what customers are saying about these topics. The insights extracted from this data tell the marketing team what’s working and what might be missing the mark and they can make adjustments as necessary.

How Sales Can Use Speech Analytics

In the sales department, managers can review the calls of sales representatives in order to find areas of improvement. They can identify who the top sellers are and why their approach works as well as why some agents may be underperforming. A real-time speech analytics solution allows sales managers who are listening in on calls to intervene as soon as an issue arises, before it escalates. Like the marketing department, the sales team can also search call recordings for key words and phrases to seek out up-sell and cross- sell opportunities as they see fit.

How Legal Can Use Speech Analytics

Any business that handles sensitive information (financial, medical, etc.) has a legal department responsible for ensuring that the company is under compliance. Depending on the nature of the business, the company may be legally obligated to record every interaction that an employee has with a customer. A speech analytics tool allows the legal department to ensure that agents adhere to all rules and regulations during each conversation, including script compliance, which protects against potential liability.