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Call Center Monitoring: Big Data's Impact On Business

August 25, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

The smart business owner or manager of today realizes the impact that data can have on his or her company. Call centers in particularly receive a lot of data because of the amount of phone calls that they have to process on any given day. Call center monitoring has thus become an important part of what business are doing these days.

Using The Data

There are a variety of ways in which one may decide to use the data that they have. For example, it is not beyond the realm of reason to use data to try to improve the quality of interactions between employees and the customers who call in. As a matter of fact, this is a primary use of the data that will be received. It is easy to change the tone and phrases used in a phone call by simply determining what works with customers.

Categorizing People

It may sound harsh, but using data to categorize various employees and callers can be helpful. You don’t want to assume too much about either person based on one phone call, but if you have a mountain of data on these individuals then you can start to make some assumptions. Maybe there is a particularly difficult customer caller that you want to deal with yourself. On the other hand, maybe the employee is less than adequate and may require some more training.

Improving Sales

Certain pieces of information may be used to improve the sales that the company is seeing. Customers may consistently call with questions about a certain product. If possible, it may be a good idea to try to clarify those questions on the packaging of the product or perhaps elsewhere on your website. Small things like that make a big difference in sales a lot of the time.

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