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The Amazing Data Available Via Call Analysis

March 06, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

Phone calls are frequently between two people who know each other well and are simply looking to share a few friendly words before moving on. With business phone calls though, there is a lot more information and data that can be obtained. Call analysis makes it possible to learn intimate details of what goes on during those business calls.

Business Calls Are Fair Game

Some may initially be worried that it will be illegal or at least look bad if they are recording and reviewing phone calls. In reality though, business calls are fair game to be recorded and reviewed as much as the business owner would like. Therefore, there is nothing illegal about this at all, and it would be a shame for these calls to go completely unmonitored.

What Can Be Learned From Recorded Calls

Recorded calls are telling you about what has happened in the past. They are also giving you a wealth of data about what could happen in the future based on past trends. Not only do they help you zero in on which people are getting results and which are not, but they can help you to figure out what kind of phrasing was best able to appeal to callers and so forth.

Reviewing The Data

When all of that bulk of data finally comes rolling back into you, it is likely that you may have trouble managing it all at first. You really just have to take it piece by piece in order to get a better understanding of the picture you are seeing in the first place. Take a look at the number of minutes spent on the phone. See the areas where customers were pleased with the call. Where there times when they became upset? These are the things worth noting in all of that data.

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