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Call Center Monitoring: The Quality Process

July 15, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Businesses that make the investment in call center monitoring should get all they can from the data they collect. In the end, it’s not simply mining data that matters but what you do with it. Everyone involved in managing a call center should understand the quality monitoring process. Establish these five steps and stay on top of your company’s customer service department. Quality does matter!

  1. Create a scorecard of preset metrics for monitors to use. It may be helpful to receive input on these metrics from business partners, managers, customers and customer service representatives.
  2. Monitor the calls using the finalized scorecard as your guide. Was the representative courteous? Did he attempt to upsell a product or service? These extra tidbits may help you during employee reviews too.
  3. Score the call according to the rubric you selected and published. It’s unfair to change the scoring areas without giving the call staff plenty of notice. Besides a perceived unfairness, you may end up with false scores based on changing metrics.
  4. Utilize the collective results to shift the team’s focus. Address weak areas with further training, script changes or by refining your call procedures. Put what you learned into practice!
  5. Verify that managers understand the scoring process by having two managers monitor and score the same call separately. It helps to have monitors provide specific reasons for their scoring. This extra step keeps everyone on the same page.

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