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4 Ways to Improve Call Quality Monitoring

July 11, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Good call quality monitoring shouldn’t focus only on the negative; this crucial activity needs to have a positive influence on your business, too. With a few useful tips, you can improve the quality of your monitoring without a lot of extra expenses or complicated processes. Don’t forget to highlight the positive actions of your employees as well as addressing problem areas.

Value the information you collect. Monitoring customer contact just for the sake of liability provides you with a limited return. Put that information to good use by offering advanced employee training when needed, re-evaluating that training regularly and developing key staff positions.

Think like an employee. Even competent, skilled workers may feel uncomfortable with the idea of call quality monitoring. It’s up to you change the way your group feels about monitoring. Remind employees that the ability to monitor calls protects them from liability and customer complaints.

Focus on qualified monitors. A good manager knows how, when and why they need to listen in on a call. You can improve how effective call monitoring is by placing the right people in the managerial slot. These position should go to a dedicated individual who can look at the big picture and isn’t a reactionary.

Provide rewards for good work. People who meet your company’s excellence standards should be rewarded for good work. That’s also a great way to improve how your employees think about call quality monitoring.

Want more ways to improve your call monitoring? Contact us for more tips on how you could take your business to the next level.