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Keep Customers Coming Back – Mine Calls w/ Speech Analytics Technology

May 08, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

It’s been said over and over, and it’s not brain surgery…you’ll keep your customers happy and coming back to buy more if you treat them well, really well.

How do you know if your employees are treating your customer well?   There are several ways, like manually listening in on calls to see what is taking place within the conversation, or listening to a sample of calls in their entirety in order to identify the content of the call that is relevant to you, or your business, or even to the specific topic you’re trying to home in on.

Those all sound cumbersome to me, and time consuming.

Enter stage left, call recording coupled with speech analytics.

Technology can make this process of analyzing call content so much easier, and it’s affordable – depending on the solution you choose.

Today, speech analytics is becoming a more wide-spread practice and technology being implemented by companies of all size and scope.   Speech analytics is an automated way of searching your recorded calls for key phrases, and identifying precisely where within the call the phase was stated and appears.

Voila!   No more manually reviewing a small sample of calls and listening to them all the way through.   Now, technology can do it for you.   And, if you opt to implement a cloud-based solution, where the provider hosts the recording and the speech analytics user interface, then you don’t have to purchase, install and maintain hardware or software.   All of that is done for you, which is great since most departments in a company are not technology whizzes, and would have to tap into their IT resources in order to go with an on-premise solution.

To learn more about cloud-based speech analytics technology, contact us to take an online demo, and get a quote.