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How Do You Understand the Voice of Customers?

May 30, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Having a Voice of Customer, or Voc, program means you are interested in what your customers are telling you; that you want to be proactive and innovative to keep up with their needs, and you are intent on providing the best possible customer experience.

First, let’s review exactly what “Voice of Customer” is, and what VoC stands for.   Voice of the Customer is literally that – the customer’s voice, their feedback, their sentiments.   What does it mean for you?   It means success or failure, depending on the experience you deliver and how the customer perceives that experience.   It means it’s really important to ensure growth of the company and loyalty of customers.

In order to capture and understand the voice of your customers, you need to have a process in place to record, analyze and evaluate the customer experience.   After all, how can you deliver a great experience if you don’t have any data to gauge your success?

Here are four key steps that will get you on your way to understanding the Voice of Customers:

  1. Collect data
  2. Listen to customers
  3. Analyze the conversations
  4. Engage, proactively, with your customers

Since most people prefer to place a phone call to a company in order to resolve an issue, and because voice is dominating the communication channels, let’s focus on voice!

To collect voice data, you need to be recording your phone calls.   Then, use the call recordings to listen to your customers.   Analyze the conversations and trends with speech analytics technology and take the business insights you gain to proactively reach out to customers to make things right, to modify business strategies based on their feedback, and to remain competitive.

For more on how speech analytics technology will get you on your way to a well-rounded Voice of Customer program, contact us today.