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Analyze Data to Boost the Customer Experience

January 24, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Like most businesses, you are probably (hopefully) trying every day to improve the customer experience for those that are buying your products and services.   But, if you don’t have a good sense of what you are delivering, analyzing it on a regular basis, and making modifications to process, then how do you know if you’re delivering a positive or negative experience?

In order to listen to, and react to, the current customer experience you’re providing, you need to have systems in place to help you monitor and analyze the content and context of the customer experience.

Face to face customer interactions and experiences are difficult to monitor, but live phone conversations are simple to monitor and analyze, if the right technology is in place.

Recording your phone calls with customers, and running them through an audio mining system, also known as speech analytics technology, will automatically provide you with those insights you need to evaluate and modify processes within your company in order to improve the customer experience by reacting to their satisfaction levels, training employees more thoroughly, and monitoring conversations for objections and competitive intelligence.

To learn more about how call recording and speech analytics technology will help you improve the customer experience that you deliver, contact a specialist today.