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Using a Contact Center Monitoring System to its Full Potential

November 26, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: April 04, 2019

Contact center monitoring systems have become increasingly robust and sophisticated over time. They are now able to turn even the most minute details within customer interactions into actionable information. All aspects of a business, including its products, level of customer service, and forecasting endeavors, can be enhanced through the use of these powerful tools.

However, many businesses that have implemented automated call monitoring solution are only scratching the surface when it comes to getting the most out of the many features and functions these systems offer. Some businesses take a rather narrow view of call center recording solutions, seeing them mainly as a means to monitor agent performance and improve customer service. But unleashing the full potential of a call monitoring and recording system can help a business gather critical intelligence and improve its overall performance.

Turning Data into Dollars

When a call monitoring and recording system is used effectively, — and especially when speech analytics software is incorporated into the package —  customer likes, dislikes, wants and behaviors can be tracked with great detail. The better a company understands the desires of its customers and prospects, the better it can tailor its products and services to meet those demands.

These systems allow for very specific queries to be initiated that will generate reports that give in-depth insight into trends and customer attitudes. When properly managed, many of the “particulars” surrounding areas of satisfaction and dissatisfaction from the customer’s perspective can be discerned and addressed through call monitoring, recording and audio mining technologies.

From a call center standpoint, the results often include decreased hold and handling times, a higher first-call resolution percentage and more efficient agent utilization. From an overall business perspective, improved customer retention rates and higher quality products and services are just a few benefits that call monitoring and recording solutions can produce.

Using a contact center monitoring system at its full capacity will increase efficiencies and streamline processes all across the board. Over time, this will prove to elevate reputations and increase revenues.