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Speech Analytics for the Marketing Manager

October 11, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

For many marketing managers (or VPs of marketing, Marketing Directors, etc), any insight you have into what will ultimately be a successful marketing/advertising/promotions campaign is critical.

There is a simple way to get your hands on those insights, and that is by having the technology in place to capture and record customer conversations.

With an advanced call recording and call mining solution in place – company wide – to gather those insights, you are able to eliminate a lot of guesswork at the planning stage, giving your campaigns more chance of achieving the impact you want from the start.

Speech Analytics is designed to provide you with those insights.

Before your campaign begins, you can extract insight into customer behavior – what motivates them, what doesn’t – using call recordings and the voice of your customers to focus your campaign on what really matters to them, and more importantly, what is guiding their purchase patterns.

Overall, speech analytics allows a business to create content searches that automatically monitor customer conversations in real time. Content searches are customizable to identify pertinent keywords and phrases specific to a variety of business objectives. With this precise call mining technology, businesses have quantitative and qualitative knowledge to evaluate their marketing strategies and campaigns, overcome challenges, transform the business, and work more effectively.

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