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Role of Contact Center and Marketing in Customer Relationship Management

September 05, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: April 04, 2019

The time is now for contact centers, customer service departments, and marketing departments to work together!

Peppers & Rogers Group recently wrote an article that shares this perspective, highlight that “Visionary companies are shifting their contact centers away from being reactionary environments toward more of a proactive, relationship-building role with customers.” Hence, the two departments are starting to work together to build and foster customer relationships at relevant points in the relationship-building process.

The overall theme is to align all customer-facing departments within a company to support strategic decisions and planning.

Take a look at our article from August 29th, Speech Analytics Technology Can Be Used by Every Department, to get a sense of how contact centers, customer service, sales, marketing, compliance, and human resources can all take advantage of the powerful knowledge that is gained by recording and monitoring customer conversations.

Knowing that today’s consumer is much more sophisticated and connected than ever before, having all departments within a company on board with the goal of servicing customers to maintain those valuable, and sometimes fragile, relationships can only help improve the company’s ROI by gaining flexible, scalable business intelligence, reducing risk, controlling costs and monitoring agent performance.