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Call Center Monitoring: Measuring and Assessing Performance

July 17, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer

The health, vitality and profitability of a business depends largely on its effectiveness to ensure that performance levels and quality service remains high while costs are kept to a minimum. In striving to meet these goals, a business or organization must continuously evaluate every aspect of its operation, eliminate functions that do not add value, and pinpoint areas in which there is room for improvement.

A good example of where this evaluation process can take place is the call center. There are numerous pieces to the call center puzzle, each that can either contribute to its success or be partially responsible for its failure. Therefore, the performance and productivity of individual call center representatives, and the contact center operation on the whole, must constantly be assessed and measured.


Measuring the Metrics

Along with customer demands and call volumes, call center goals and strategies are ever-changing. Antiquated call tracking systems consisting of cumbersome databases and spreadsheet reports are simply unable to adequately meet evolving quality management and big data requirements of companies today.

In response to this dilemma, many contact centers are implementing automated call center monitoring solutions. These include call recording software, call monitoring software, and speech analytics software that provide real-time performance metrics and a perpetual analysis of all call center processes.

Through the use of these tools, agent performance and efficiency can much more effectively be appraised, and weak areas much more readily defined and addressed. Additionally, through the use of a speech analytics solution like CallFinder, conversations with callers can be dissected and their needs and desires better understood. This not only helps agents more quickly and competently resolve issues and satisfy inquiries, but also aids companies in their strategic business planning, forecasting, and product improvement endeavors.

The continual monitoring and evaluation of all activities within a call center enable a company to gain valuable insight into both internal functions and customer attitudes and behaviors. To that end, the latest call quality monitoring tools will allow a business to optimize its resources and return of investment.

To learn more about call monitoring solutions, including call recording and call mining (also known as speech analytics), you can read the white paper; Call Recording and Speech Analytics Will Transform Your Business, or contact a CallFinder Specialist today for a free demo of a speech analytics interface.