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How Do Your Customers Express Dissatisfaction?

June 28, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: September 28, 2022

As you probably know, customers will express themselves in myriad of ways – especially if they are unhappy.

If one of your business goals is to reduce the number of unhappy customers (hopefully that is a goal of every company), then you can use a speech analytics solution to easily identify unhappy customers and start to reverse their opinions by reaching out to them, righting the wrong, and converting them to happy customers.

When setting up searches within your speech analytics application, be sure to include some of the words and phrases below if you are trying to segment and categorize calls based on customer dissatisfaction.

General Phrases of Unhappy Customers:
“I’m not happy”
“I’m very unhappy”
“This is unacceptable”
“I’m really angry/annoyed”
“I’m confused”
“I want to make a complaint”
“I want to speak to a manager/supervisor/team leader”
“This is ridiculous/ludicrous/unbelievable”

Repeatedly Unhappy Customers:
You can also create specific searches to identify those customers who have had to speak with several agents, or have had to call about an issue with your company multiple times. Those keywords and phrases could include:
“This is the second/third time I’ve called”
“That’s NOT what your colleague said”
“I spoke to someone last week and they said they would call me back”

For more about speech analytics and how an automated call monitoring solution can help your company turn unhappy customers into happy customers, watch this video, or contact CallFinder at 1-800-639-1700.