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Improve the Customer Experience with CallFinder Speech Analytics

May 23, 2012 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: September 15, 2022

National Hearing Aid Company Uses CallFinder to Track Trial Period Effectiveness

We work with a national hearing aid company that uses our cloud-based speech analytics software to track promotional activities of their free trial. They use the data to monitor the experience they deliver to their customers, and to track requests and trends of their free trial.

A nationwide hearing aid center needed an automated way to track customer satisfaction for the wide range of products they offer and the trial periods extended to their customers. When a customer called with questions or concerns, representatives were tasked with asking a series of questions in relation to the type of hearing solution being tested and how well it was working for them.

Implement CallFinder speech analytics software to search call recordings for specific key phrases, and pinpoint and categorize only the calls related to a specific product.

To help measure marketing effectiveness, CallFinder provided the manufacturer with a system that automatically scanned call recordings to identify and easily categorize the calls related to the trial periods of the various products.

Search definitions within CallFinder were established so that calls were categorized according to product name and trial period. Company managers accessed only those relevant call recordings to review the feedback, which in turn provided them with crucial intelligence on which products were going to be successful in the marketplace and provide a better customer experience.

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