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Mine Critical Business Intelligence Through Call Center Recording

By searching for keywords inside calls, a business can capture the customer experience, protect brand identity, uncover valuable leads, and react quicker to problems and opportunities.

A powerful speech analytics software, CallFinder offers companies an affordable and simple way to record and analyze 100 percent of their calls to gain business intelligence. Companies interested in SMB call recording can use our speech analytics software to mine hundreds of hours of content in a matter of minutes. With CallFinder call center recording software, businesses can easily search call recordings to gather data that will supplement, or even replace, more expensive traditional market research tactics.

Speech analytics software provides businesses with many benefits when compared to traditional market research:

  • Quantitative and verifiable
    Rather than the random sampling method common in traditional research, CallFinder’s speech analytics is applied across 100 percent of call recordings to gather data from the broadest source possible.
  • Real-time results
    CallFinder can provide call analytics in the form of  statistical reports delivered daily, or even multiple times per day, compared to traditional research that may take weeks or even months.
  • Gathers data directly from call recordings
    Our software uses call recordings of actual customer interactions, resulting in superior data rather than relying on the memory of the customer service agent or salesperson.

For all of these reasons, the data provided by speech analytics of call center recording is quickly becoming an important component of how your business can gather and act on market intelligence.

To learn other ways CallFinder speech analytics will help your business improve overall monitoring of agent performance and goals, please call a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 and schedule an online demonstration of this unique SMB call recording software.

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