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CallFinder’s powerful and affordable cloud-based speech analytics solutions will help your tech and communication business stand out by quickly identifying areas of agent performance or business process that may need help.

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Speech Analytics For Tech & Communications

Technology and communication service providers face rapidly changing business environments, harsh public criticism of negative customer experiences, and tough competition. Differentiating on services and solutions alone is difficult, so providing excellent service is what makes a tech firm or communications company, like cable and internet providers, stand out. This fact makes monitoring agent performance and obtaining a clear understanding of what customers really need and want is essential to providing a positive customer experience.

Enhance Every Aspect Of Your Business In One Solution

CallFinder Automatically Extracts Vital Business Intelligence That Reveals Insights To Help Reduce Costs, Improve Agent Performance, And Provide The Optimal Customer Experience.

Call Center Metrics

Research shows certain metrics are key to keeping your customers happy and maximizing your workforce’s productivity, including your average handle time and first call resolution rate. When you use CallFinder in your business, you can easily identify call reasons and outcomes to improve your first call resolution rates and agent performance.

Customer Experience

When you monitor interactions between your customer service representatives and your customers, you can address problems and make adjustments on a group or individual basis. This ensures that your agents are providing the best service possible, which improves agent performance, key performance metrics, and ultimately, the customer experience.

Sales Opportunities

Speech analytics software gives businesses the opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of their cross- and up-selling techniques and make adjustments accordingly. You can also identify the responses to marketing strategies from specific demographic groups, giving you a chance to personalize your sales tactics to create more opportunities to close deals.

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