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Have you ever wanted to know your clients? Sure, it’s easy to get to know someone when they’re standing on the other side of the counter and looking at you face to face, but it’s not nearly as easy to get a read on someone who calls your business. So how can you get insightful information about the people who contact your business over the phone?

Small Business Call Recording System

Since 2004, call recording for small business has been booming. That’s because call monitoring software for business allows entrepreneurs and business managers to learn details about their clients and prospects they wouldn’t be aware of otherwise. With this information, businesses can devise ways to increase their bottom lines as they interact with customers over the phone.

Call recording for small businesses has proven to be so effective for so many organizations that the worldwide speech analytics market is expected to reach $1.33 billion by 2019.

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Business Benefits of Speech Analytics

Call recording software for business in today’s market is an affordable tool that provides business owners and managers with a figurative window into the minds of their customers, which enables them to make better business decisions. Here are some of the benefits of a phone recording system for small business can provide:

  • Improved Customer Service: When you record phone calls in a small business, it enables you to monitor interactions between your customer service representatives and your clients. You can ensure your agents are following your call scripts and adhering to industry mandates. Call monitoring for small businesses gives you the power to address performance problems and make adjustments on group or individual bases.This capability will improve the level of service your team renders and increase the satisfaction customers have when they contact your business.
  • Better Business Decisions: When you use a phone recording system for small business, you’re able to get a lot of information from the calls your agents field without having to listen to every call. The software can mine for keywords and phrases and categorize calls based on pre-set criteria. This allows you to make more informed business decisions without having to invest in other resources.
  • More Sales Opportunities: Call recording software for business gives you the opportunity to gauge the effectiveness of your cross- and up-selling techniques and make adjustments accordingly. It even enables you to identify the responses specific demographic groups have to your marketing strategies, which gives you a chance to personalize your sales tactics to create more opportunities to close sales.
  • Improved Metrics: Research shows certain metrics are key to keeping your customers happy and maximizing your workforce’s productivity, including your average handle time and first call resolution rate. When you use call monitoring software for small businesses, you can identify the reasons why customers contact your business repeatedly and put processes in place to improve your first call resolution rate.

By improving your key metrics, you’ll improve your customer satisfaction levels and increase your employees’ productivity.

If you’re ready to start enjoying the benefits of speech analytics, initiate our affordable call monitoring software download now.