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Getting Started with CallFinder View

Say Goodbye to Manual QA

If you’re still manually monitoring your customer interactions, CallFinder View is the perfect solution for getting started with an automated quality monitoring solution. And we’ll let you give it a test run for 60 days, absolutely FREE!*

This free trial offer is a great way to experience CallFinder View’s automated features – such as sentiment analysis and overtalk detection – and get the data you need to improve every aspect of your business, in and out of the contact center.

*This offer is limited to CallFinder View and covers up to 2.5k hours of audio. This offer does not include CallFinder Acuity.

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All the AQM Tools You Need in One Place

What's Included

The Tools

Cloud-Based Insights Dashboard
Searchable Call Transcriptions
Sentiment & Emotion Analysis
Silence & Overtalk Detection
Agent Performance Insights

The Results

Gain Immediate Access to Insights
Easily Pinpoint Key Phrases
Evaluate Agents on Soft Skills
Create Better Coaching Strategies
Know Your Top & Bottom Performers

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CallFinder View Features

Fast, Easy Integration

Save Time & IT Resources

We know your time is valuable, and so is the time of your IT team. That’s why we built CallFinder to be fast, easy, and user-friendly.

Affordable Pricing

Flexible, Usage-Based Pricing

Our pricing is simple and affordable. Scale your account any time to fit your budget. No per-seat license fees & unlimited user access.

Searchable Transcriptions

Turn Call Recordings Into a Valuable Resource

Quickly read and search the transcriptions of every agent-customer interaction to understand your customers and elevate their experience.

Sentiment Analysis

Easily Identify Common Pain Points

Our powerful transcription engine uncovers sentiment trends within calls to help improve agent performance and reduce churn.

Silence & Overtalk

Teach Agents Nuanced Skills

CallFinder View's silence and overtalk detection ensures that your agents support customers in the best way possible while improving KPI's.

Insights Dashboard

24/7 Access to Insights

Get instant access to the data you need to improve performance and business strategies with our cloud-based insights dashboard.

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