Dana Adams

Software Architect / Senior Software Engineer

Dana joined CallFinder’s parent company, 800response, in 2005 as a web application developer, designing the customer-facing interface and real-time call tracking analytics platform. In 2011, he led a team of developers to create the first iteration of CallFinder, a speech analytics and call scoring solution, now a dba of 800response. He has over 30 years of experience as a web developer and software engineer. Dana works with a team of IS professionals to address customer needs and continues to evolve 800response and CallFinder as innovative solutions in the industry. Because of his design enhancements to both solutions, Dana has been awarded a patent on technology employed by CallFinder. Prior to joining 800response and CallFinder, Dana was the Technical Director at Bluehouse, a Vermont-based web consulting agency, and the Creative Director at CKInteractive, a web development and marketing arm of Cramer Krasselt Advertising out of Chicago.

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