Employee Tracking in the Call Center

Use Employee Tracking Codes to Categorize Calls & Track Your Workforce!

Improving the customer experience is a trending topic for businesses today, with research* showing that two-thirds of consumers are willing to spend approximately 13% more money with a company following an excellent customer service experience. In comparison, 55% of customers would cease buying from a company providing poor customer service.

All successful businesses should adhere to a practice of monitoring, evaluating and making improvements to the customer experience they deliver. Using unique employee tracking codes to segment calls by specific employee or department provides managers, supervisors and directors with the tools they need to automatically capture the data necessary to identify specific employees in need of additional training to address customer objections.

What Are Employee Tracking Codes?

Employee tracking codes are unique three-digit numbers used to tag inbound calls, allowing you to categorize and filter calls by individual employee or department. Codes are typically entered by employees at the call conclusion, but can also be entered or modified manually via the call tracking reports.

This agent tracking solution, provided by CallFinder’s speech analytics technology, will help your business segment calls by employee name or code, conduct employee performance reviews, train new and existing employees, and even categorize your incoming calls by department or product code.

Why Use CallFinder’s Call Center Tracking Software?

  1. Are you responsible for conducting employee performance reviews?
  2. Do you use practical examples of conversations with customers to train new and existing employees?
  3. Does your business like to categorize calls by department or product?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then using employee codes to categorize your calls will make life much easier!

If you’re looking to track call data, record and monitor calls with customers, and improve the customer experience that your business delivers, you need to learn more about our flexible and scalable employee tracking and speech analytics solutions.

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*The 2012 American Express Global Customer Service Barometer

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