Call Center Recording Solutions

Use Call Center Speech Analytics to Access the Voice of Your Customers

Analyzing business calls to find the “voice” of customers is becoming standard business practice among companies of all sizes, throughout all industries, and within contact centers. More and more, simply recording calls and monitoring samples for “quality assurance” is becoming an inadequate process in the face of the growing trend to respond to the dynamic needs of customers.

The Business Value of Speech Analytics in the Call Center

Implementing speech analytics technology into daily operations provides enormous overall value to your business, including the many departments within your company that field incoming calls, which hold a wealth of valuable business information.

When your business adopts a speech analytics solution for your call center you will gain access to:

  • Real time call recordings of every conversation.
  • Call categorization based on search definitions you create.
  • Top-line search statistics such as number of calls found, and number of calls that contain a specific search phrase, which can identify business trends.

Improve Efficiency in Your Call Center

It has become necessary for businesses to go beyond simple call center call recording solutions and commit to implementing more robust speech analytics technology to include an audio mining component in order to gain a full scope of the customer experience.

Along with improving customer experience, speech analytics provides your business with the latest technology to capture and analyze conversations with your customers, delivering actionable customer insights, monitor compliance, and capture business intelligence.

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