Call Center Monitoring

Monitor Your Call Center with Speech Analytics Technology

Speech analytics offers ’real-time’ analysis of customer wants and needs using cloud-based call center quality monitoring technology to “listen” in on your conversations with customers.

In call centers lacking such technology, it is estimated that over 90% of all customer communication is unstructured, meaning there is no easy way to mine all the conversations for business intelligence.

Speech analytics addresses this knowledge gap by providing call center monitoring tools to record 100% of the calls coming in to your call center, and will analyze the call content for relevant, customized search criteria, turning this unstructured data into actionable patterns.

Advantages of Monitoring Your Call Center

With tens of thousands of conversations automatically scanned and categorized, your business will experience advantages including:

  • Incremental Revenue: Searches driven by speech analytics will pinpoint up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, both the well executed and missed. Speech analytics can also help identify ideas for new or improved products, understand the effectiveness of marketing campaigns, and verify the channels that customers most want to use to make purchases.
  • Cost Savings: Areas of cost savings can include improved customer retention through identifying reasons for account closures, emerging competitor intelligence, reasons for poor rates, and overall call center monitoring programs to assess the performance of call center agents.
  • Speech Analytics ROI: The implementation of the latest cloud-based speech analytics ultimately allows a contact center operation, either stand-alone or one that operates within a business as its own unit, to better ”˜listen’ to its customers simultaneously throughout disparate areas of the organization. Speech analytics technology essentially ”˜unclutters’ the communication paths between the customer and the company.

Take a demo of our call center call monitoring solution, which uses phonetic indexing to categorize calls by the criteria you define. Relevant searches for your call center could include:

  1. Script compliance
  2. Sales and customer service up-sell/cross-sell efforts
  3. Customer attrition rates and reasons

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