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The Power of Phonetic Indexing Technology

A phonetics-based speech analytics solution, like CallFinder, scans your recordings and uses the original audio files to identify the string of phonemes (the smallest units of sound that make up language) matching the search criteria.

Scalable – Flexible – Accurate:

Compared to the speech-to-text, large vocabulary dictionary based engines, our phonetic indexing and search solution is much more scalable and flexible. The phonetic indexing technology does not require a language model or dictionary, meaning the method of phonetic indexing and searching audio files is more rapid than speech-to-text. Phonetics-based speech analytics also allows for broader search terms including industry jargon, product names, acronyms, accents and dialects, and provides more accurate and customizable results. Our patent-pending phonetic indexing and network enables us to easily process and categorize all types of audio qualities, accents, and formats.

Also, by using phonetic indexing, your searches will run on 100% of your recorded calls, so that every conversation is searchable in real-time.

Phonetic Indexing - Examples 2

Phonetic Indexing Examples

Here are some examples of CallFinder’s flexibility regarding word distinction, which may vary from region to region, and how including a phonetic translation of a search term will help ensure that call records will be included and categorized according to your search definitions based on the phonetic spelling.

1. Appointment setting:
“I’d like to make an appointment” vs. “I’d like ta make an appointment”
“Have you been here before?” vs. “Have you ever ben here before?”

2. Thanking the caller:
“Thank you for calling” vs. “Heng you for calling” or “Thank you fer calling”

3. Information collection by agents:
“What is your first name?” vs. “Whaddiz your first name?” or “Whuddiz your first name?”

Other benefits of phonetics indexing speech analytics engines are:

  • Speed – It is faster than speech-to-text.
  • Range – It allows for broad search terms to be analyzed, like industry jargon, unique product names, acronyms, accents and dialects.

For more on how to use a speech analytics solution to help your business identify specific phrases and keywords being spoken by your customers or employees, contact us today.

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