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Recover more debt with 100% compliance

Learn how collections agencies are turning to speech analytics technology to automatically monitor and analyze 100% of collections calls. In your live demo with a CallFinder Speech Analytics Expert, you will learn how to:

  • Ensure 100% Compliance & Mitigate Risk
  • Recover More Debt for Your Clients
  • Improve Agent Training & Performance
  • Provide Positive Interactions with Consumers

Hear From Our Customers

“Now that we’re scoring 100% of our enrollment calls, we have raised the quality of nearly every call conducted. The Specialists know every call is being reviewed, which has ensured that all benefits are covered according to the standards that we’ve put in place. CallFinder’s client support team spent hours listening to our needs in order to develop solutions specifically for us.”

Sam Wilkerson, Quality Assurance Manager at BCInsourcing