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Call Center Monitoring with Speech Analytics
CallFinder’s speech analytics software automatically identifies key performance indicators and uses call scoring technology to help you track your agents’ performance to improve CX and lower costs.

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CallFinder’s Automated Call Center Monitoring and Call Scoring provides a complete and accurate assessment of agent performance and delivers customer and business insights by monitoring and scoring 100% of your calls. Fill out the form to learn more, or call 1-888-385-0266.

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  • Reduce the cost of manual monitoring and scoring by utilizing speech analytics technology for greater insights into 100 percent of your customers’ calls, instead of a small selection.
  • Implement quality control measures by gaining access to data that can be used to enhance the customer experience, close knowledge gaps, and improve operational efficiency.
  • Develop focused training to reduce attrition by tracking key performance indicators to provide feedback to agents, improve training, and ensure script compliance to mitigate risk.
  • Improve the customer experience by revealing how your customers interact with your agents, pinpointing metrics that are important to customers, and fine-tuning how your team provides customer service.