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Why is Emotion Analysis Essential to Sales Channels?

February 20, 2023 by Morgan Pulitzer

“It’s not what you said, it’s how you said it.”

You’ve no doubt heard this phrase at some point. Sometimes when people say one thing, their tone of voice indicates something entirely different. How many times has someone said, “It’s fine,” when their tone implies it’s clearly not?

This is why many businesses are turning to emotion analysis to better understand their customers. Emotion analysis tools scan calls for tone and pitch alterations to determine whether a call was negative, positive, or neutral. And while it’s primarily used in call centers, it’s also demonstrating its value for sales departments. Here are just a few ways emotion analysis benefits sales channels.

Establish a Rapport with Customers

The most successful sales agents are often the ones who make real connections with their customers. Emotion analysis detects changes in a customer’s voice to determine when they might be hesitant, confused, pleased, etc., even if they don’t verbally express those feelings.

This helps agents identify those moments during customer interactions so they can adjust their approach accordingly. Emotion analysis also ensures that agents are consistently engaged when dealing with customers. As a result, customers feel heard and more valued.

Boost Selling Strategies

Emotion detection also helps agents determine the best methods for closing sales. Agents gain a clearer understanding of which tactics earn the best responses, as well as when customers demonstrate a real interest. Emotion analysis also identifies customer pain points regarding specific products and services.

Agents use this information to formulate more effective strategies that lead to more sales. They also gain better cross and upsell opportunity skills. Plus, this tool gives agents the confidence to alter their approach when necessary, depending on the customer’s (unspoken) feedback.

Connect to Other Departments

You can also use the insights gained from emotion analysis outside the sales department. These insights have the power to enhance other departments, as well. For instance, new product development can use these insights to create products that customers actually want.

Meanwhile, they give marketing the ability to create ad campaigns that resonate with customers for improved ad response. All of these benefits also help your sales channels since the insight-driving campaigns attract customers who are more apt to contact your business to make a purchase. And that makes your sales agents’ jobs a whole lot easier.

See CallFinder’s Emotional Analysis in Action

Studies show emotionally connected customers have a 306% higher customer lifetime value, which makes them more likely to recommend a brand. Emotion analysis helps sales teams make those connections and provide a superior customer experience. CallFinder has all the tools that give your sales teams an advantage when talking to customers. Book a 15-minute demo to learn more.

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