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3 Reasons End-of-Call Surveys Won’t Help You or Your Agents

May 28, 2021 by Morgan Pulitzer - Last Updated: June 08, 2021

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If you’ve ever called customer service, you’ve probably heard an automated voice asking you to stay on the line after the call to take a quick survey. Many businesses use these end-of-call surveys to obtain info on customer interactions and improve the overall customer experience.

But despite their popularity, end-of-call surveys do not deliver the results companies expect. If your business is using IVR surveys to gain customer insights, here are three reasons it’s time to try a different approach.

1. End-of-Call Surveys Reflect a Small Customer Sample

Let’s face it. Most people won’t stay on the line to take a survey after the call is done, especially if the call took longer than anticipated. Studies show that only 10-25% of people respond fully to IVR surveys. Such a small percentage cannot provide enough data for QA managers to accurately assess how their agents are performing. And this makes it difficult for businesses to make decisions that truly meet their customers’ needs.

2. IVR Survey Results Fail to Provide In-Depth Customer Data

Most end-of-call surveys ask customers to rate their experiences on a numbered scale (e.g. 1 for terrible to 5 for excellent). Unless a call went poorly, most people will give ratings 3 to 5, indicating their interactions were positive overall. But this doesn’t offer a full picture of the customer’s experience.

Companies need specific data on why customers felt that their experience deserved a “1” or a “5.” In other words, IVR surveys lack meaningful metrics that the company can actually use to enhance the customer experience.

3. Post-Call Surveys Do Not Accurately Measure Agent Performance

How your agents interact with customers directly impacts the customer experience, which affects KPI’s, customer churn, and ultimately the success of your business. While post-call survey results provide a general overview of agent performance, this data is useless if you don’t know what improvements to make. To improve agent performance, companies need a clear understanding of where agents are struggling or succeeding.

Post-call surveys simply fail as a tool for creating opportunities to help agents improve their knowledge and skills. Once you enhance agent knowledge with better training, only then will you see results.

It’s Time for a Better Solution

Even fully completed end-of-call surveys provide broad feedback, at best. If you’re still using these outdated surveys, it’s time to make a change. Only by implementing an automated monitoring solution that provides 100% visibility into every interaction can you gain a more thorough understanding of your agents’ abilities.

And only CallFinder’s solution provides this visibility with easy access to customer sentiment analysis, custom reporting, agent scorecards, and more. Discover a better way to give your customers the experience they deserve. Schedule a quick demo with a CallFinder expert today!

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