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Reviewing Agent Performance For Bonus Season

September 05, 2014 by Morgan Pulitzer

Evaluating employees in  preparation for review time can be one of the most time-consuming, challenging responsibilities for managers.

Employees who consistently do great work deserve to have some recognition and reward for their efforts. Encouraging everyone to do the best work that they possibly can at all times is the way to get the most effort out of employees. Thus, agent performance should be looked at and reviewed carefully from time to time.

Taking A Look At Their Work

It is a lot easier to review the work of employees at a call center than it perhaps was in the past. Now, employers have the option and the ability to review all of the calls that their employees have had with individual customers. They can even zero in on particular calls of interest and see how certain situations were handled. This is an invaluable tool for managers of businesses.

How To Review An Agent

Reviews of those who work at a call center can be done on a very scientific level. Their output can be measured in terms of the number of calls that they take and in how well those calls go for them. It is something that can actually be very clinical and unemotional. However, most managers have at least some flexibility with how they review agents. There is a human element that plays a role in all of this. That being said, when reviews are done data should be used for at least part of it.

Distributing Bonuses

Handing out bonuses needs to be done in a careful way. You don’t want anyone to feel that they have been cheated in the process. Everyone should have an equal shot at receiving some of the money. In the end, it should all come down to performance. If anyone feels as though they are being unfairly cheated out of a bonus, internal company politics can erupt in an ugly way.

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