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Customer Feedback Surveys or Analyzing the Voice of Customers?

September 17, 2013 by Morgan Pulitzer

Which is the best way to go?   Let’s compare the two tactics and you can decide.

Customer Feedback Surveys

I mean the kind of surveys when you are on a call with a contact center, asking questions about your account, and once your issues are resolved, you’re asked by the agent if you’d be willing to participate in a customer feedback survey.

Who wants to do that?   We barely want to take the time to make the call to resolve our issues that may be affecting our financial situation, why would we opt to spend more time on the phone with a strange?

Businesses that use phone surveys or those that are simply in the business of surveys in general have to always think about how to increase response rates. Those who do not receive enough responses on their surveys are not going to get accurate or helpful surveys.

Overall, response rates for phone surveys are on the decline. Many are trying other methods, but phone surveys are often still used because of their inexpensive nature and the fact that almost everyone has a telephone.

Voice of the Customer Analytics

This tactic of getting down to what the customer wants, and if they are happy, is much more straightforward, and if you’re recording your contact center calls, you already have access to this data!   Now, you just need a speech analytics solution like CallFinder to create custom keyword searches and identify the exact calls, and conversations, you are looking to analyze.

There is, of course, a place for customer feedback surveys, and a time.   But, why pay to develop, execute, manage, and analyze a customer survey program if all you have to do is a few keyword searches on actual conversations to extract the same feedback and information?

To learn more about using voice of customer analytics and specifically a cloud-based call recording and speech analytics solution to capture these customer insights, then contact us today!