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CallFinder Speech Analytics and Call Recording

Speech Analytics

At CallFinder, our cloud-based speech analytics solution extracts the data you need to drive strategic growth by enhancing customer service, increasing sales effectiveness and monitoring employee performance.

Speech Analytics

Audio Mining

By audio mining your call logs, you know what products and services people are calling about, the main problems they face, and their level of satisfaction. You can easily identify trends and maximize the opportunities.

Audio Mining

Real-time Reporting

Rather than manually spending hours reviewing call data, CallFinder automatically scans all calls, finds the important ones, extracts the insights and delivers answers in minutes to the appropriate person.

Real-Time Reporting

...not only is the technology easy to implement and start using to mine for keywords and phrases, CallFinder also has a finely tuned and exceptional on-boarding process. The CallFinder Specialists we work with are highly professional, enthusiastic and intelligent, and they have our full confidence. We work with many cloud-based technology providers and the CallFinder team easily outshines them with their attention to detail...

Director of Operation's Healthcare Industry
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Affordable Call Recording

We Make Call Recording and Speech Analytics Affordable

CallFinder is an innovative call recording and speech analytics software application that allows small to medium-sized businesses easily record and analyze customer conversations to generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business intelligence.

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We understand that education plays a vital role in the successful research and implementation of a speech analytics solution, and we're here to help make it easier. Access our library of free resources to learn more about CallFinder's solutions, and how speech analytics will help you improve business performance.


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