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Call Monitoring Systems for Insurance Companies

In the simplest terms, insurance of any type is about managing risk. As an insurance provider, you need the technology in place in order to manage your own risk.

A powerful call monitoring software, CallFinder speech analytics helps you uncover business intelligence on how your incoming calls are handled. It’s critically important to monitor agent performance and ensure script compliance among agents. In addition to script compliance and call quality monitoring, our CallFinder speech analytics software also provides workforce and customer service analysis to help uncover phone sales training opportunities. Custom search queries can be configured to help you gather critical call analytics related to your marketing programs while revealing competitive insurance provider trends pertaining to how competitors promote themselves and their products.

There are many practical applications of CallFinder contact center compliance software for a business that operates within the insurance industry including:

  • Monitoring of script compliance by sales and service agents.
  • Training development for the sales and service teams, and customer-facing workforce.
  • Tracking promotions, direct mail campaigns, and all other marketing initiatives.
  • Measuring the number of calls that result in scheduled appointments, signed contracts, upsells, and sales.
  • Settling disputes and avoiding risk.

You can use CallFinder to record incoming calls and search those call recordings for keywords and phrases relevant to your business. Speech analytics allows you to analyze customer conversations to glean business insights that will help you monitor agent performance, generate more business, retain customers, work more effectively and gather critical business intelligence.

Improving Customer Service Ratings With Call Monitoring Software for Your Insurance Company

While our call monitoring software for insurance companies can do a lot to help you improve your business overall, it can also help you improve your customer service ratings. One of the key performance indicators you can use to determine the quality of the service your agents are providing to your clients is your team’s customer satisfaction score. This score isn’t only important for your team as a whole — it’s also a critical measure of how your individual agents are performing.

A recent article posted on Yahoo.com identified the finance and insurance services industry as the market with the second lowest customer satisfaction rating. If you’re concerned that the level of service your agents are providing contributed to the industry’s poor rating, then you should look into getting a call monitoring system for your insurance company. Our call monitoring system for insurance companies enables business managers to raise their customer satisfaction scores on both individual and team bases because they can use the system to keep track of metrics that affect customer satisfaction.

When you’re aware of the metrics that matter most to your customers, you can take steps to improve them. We offer call recording for insurance companies that includes voice analytics to help you identify the service metrics that are meaningful to your customers, such as average handle times and first time call resolution rates. After you implement a plan to improve these performance measurements by using contact center monitoring software for your insurance company, you will naturally see your customer service ratings improve over time.

Using CallFinder call recording for your insurance company, you can pinpoint the types of calls that yield the lowest customer satisfaction scores and provide training so your agents know how to respond to these kinds of calls better. You can also identify the specific words, phrases and behaviors that your successful agents use to turn negative calls into positive customer experiences. Then, use these as the basis for future training.

The most effective thing you can do to improve your customer service ratings and your overall business is to use our call monitoring system for insurance companies. Please contact a CallFinder Specialist at 1-800-639-1700 today to learn more about our call monitoring software and schedule an online demonstration of our call recording and speech analytics system.


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