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Referral Partner Program

Welcome, and we’re happy you’ve taken this step!

By packaging CallFinder’s solutions with the technology you currently provide, you’ll be giving your customers the added benefit of automated quality monitoring and call scoring, along with in-depth business insights and context into their agent-customer interactions. Working with CallFinder, you can offer your customers analytics solutions that are powerful, affordable, and easy to use to improve agent performance, quality monitoring techniques, and the customer experience.

CallFinder is a market-leading developer of cloud-based speech analytics for small and medium sized businesses, and is flexible and scalable for all business needs. Whether your clients are monitoring their contact center agents, customer service employees, or sales professionals, having CallFinder alongside their existing contact center technology will provide enhanced insights and a deep analysis of their customer-agent interactions.

Together, we can offer innovative solutions to our mutual customers who need our combined technology to help them work efficiently and profitably. If you’re looking to add a new solution to your suite of contact center solutions, CallFinder speech analytics, automated scorecards, and reporting provide invaluable intelligence and actionable data and insights extracted directly from customer-agent interactions. To learn more about our referral program, use the form below to contact Cliff LaCoursiere, VP of CallFinder.

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Onboarding and Training

Our point of differentiation is an important one. While our speech analytics technology and the engine that drives it is complex, the interface is easy to use making it easy for tech-savvy and tech-weary users alike. We pride ourselves on providing robust one-on-one training and support to get businesses comfortable with the interface, and adept at creating and refining searches to ensure they are using CallFinder to the fullest extent.

A designated speech analytics specialist will work with you and your customers through the implementation and discovery phases, and help build and refine call categories, search phrases, and scorecards to meet their objectives. Learn more about MyAnalyst services.

Sales Support For Your Team & Your Customers

We provide a wide range of sales and marketing support to our partners with the goal of enabling you and your team to better position CallFinder’s solutions. Our marketing and sales teams will support your selling strategies, and our CallFinder Specialists are ready to support you and your customers with integration and implementation.

Businesses Use CallFinder to:

With CallFinder’s cloud-based speech analytics and scorecard solutions, your customers will be able to automatically:

  • Gain visibility into the voice of their customers
  • Track individual agent and team progress
  • Enhance workforce training & manage quality monitoring practices
  • Discover revenue opportunities

Learn more about CallFinder’s capabilities today.

Offer Your Customer a Pilot with CallFinder

A pilot with CallFinder is much more than a product demonstration, it’s an analysis of the voice of your clients’ customers. Send us your customer’s audio files and we’ll deliver a snapshot of what their customers are experiencing when they call the company, along with business insights based on what their customers and agents are saying. Simply provide 100 hours of their call recordings. We will process the audio files through the CallFinder speech analytics engine, and provide you with a report and consultation of our findings.

A Pilot of CallFinder is Easy for You, Easy for Your Clients:

  1. Send your client’s audio files.
  2. CallFinder will process and analyze spoken content in those recordings.
  3. CallFinder Specialists will deliver top-level insights based on CallFinder’s analysis.

The entire assessment process takes just a few days to deliver results, and the value will be clear. Contact us to discuss a pilot for your customers, as well as a referral partnership!

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