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Recover More Debt with Speech Analytics

The collections industry faces many challenges due to the sensitive nature of debt collection and increasing regulatory restrictions. Download the white paper to learn how speech analytics can help collections agencies overcome these challenges, recover more debt with 100% compliance, and enhance the customer experience.

Learn how automated call monitoring and scoring can help:

  • Eliminate manual call monitoring and monitor 100% of inbound calls.
  • Improve agent performance with call scorecards.
  • Ensure script compliance and mitigate regulatory risk.
  • Increase customer satisfaction to improve the collections process.

Hear From Our Customers

“CallFinder gives us a lot of data, along with the ability to quickly and automatically zero in on the most relevant data to validate that our agents are meeting a prescribed set of steps when they adjudicate a claim…We’re enjoying great reviews in how we’re delivering our services, and we attribute this directly to the changes made based on the insights discovered through using CallFinder.”

Frank Diaz – Director, Claim and Contact Center Operations