Speech Analytics Software

Speech Analytics Software

Integrating any type of speech analytics technology into daily operations results in improved efficiency, cost saving opportunities, and profitability. This is true no matter what industry category your business falls in, and also applies to all sized businesses.

What Speech Analytics Will Do For Your Business

Implementing CallFinder’s powerful, affordable, and easy to use speech analytics solution will help your business:

Gain Flexible, Scalable Business Intelligence

Speech Analytics Software - Gain Flexible, Scalable Business IntelligenceCompanies that record their calls and use speech analytics software can automatically scan and categorize hours of content in minutes to gather data that will supplement, or even replace, more expensive and traditional market research tactics.

Speech analytics provides many benefits when compared to traditional market research:

  • It is quantitative and verifiable. You can mine 100% of your recorded calls to gather data from the broadest source possible.
  • It is faster and more efficient, with statistical reports that can be delivered on a daily basis, or even multiple times per day, compared to traditional research that may take weeks or months.
  • Data is gathered directly from actual customer interactions, rather than from memory.

For all of these reasons, the data provided by speech analytics software is now becoming an important component of how companies gather and act on their market intelligence.

Increase Revenue
By searching for keywords inside calls, you can extrapolate information from the recordings of customer conversations. For example, the marketing team can analyze market response to a particular product or campaign by searching across all calls where that product name is mentioned. Also, sales and customer service can mine calls for mentions of up-sells and cross-selling techniques, as outlined in their training programs.

Control Costs
Knowing which agents need further call handling training procedures to reduce call duration, and which ones need additional training to close the sale will help your business reduce call times, improve customer satisfaction levels, encourage repeat purchases and control costs.

Diminish Risk
Speech analytics software provides a cost-effective way to ensure that agents are compliant with company rules and regulations while conversing with customers. This acts as insurance against potential liability and provides a mechanism to help train and improve agent performance in these challenging situations. With speech analytics, a compliance officer can monitor calls to ascertain whether or not vital information is shared with the customer, preventing disputes. They can verify agent delivery of essential statements within the conversation and make sure that overall, the company is maintaining compliance with laws and regulations during each call.

Implementing Speech Analytics Software

Implementing Speech AnalyticsThere are two methods of implementing speech analytics software; – cloud based speech analytics, and on-premise speech analytics solutions. Cloud-based speech analytics software is often the preferred solution for small to medium size businesses as it is more affordable and draws on fewer, if any, resources from your IT department. On-premise solutions require software and hardware installation within your company’s system network, and requires involvement from your IT department, as well as maintenance time.

Any industry that has customer-facing employees can benefit from searching conversations for key phrases to extract business insights. Speech analytics software is currently being used by a wide range of companies, in a variety of industries.

To learn more about the industries and businesses using speech analytics, visit our success stories page for more in-depth, practical examples.

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