Call Center Analytics Software

Extract Valuable Call Center Analytics

Call centers process hundreds and thousands of calls each day. These conversations hold a wealth of valuable business insights, such as customer’s:

  • Likes and dislikes regarding the company’s products and services
  • Needs and wants
  • Reasons for being dissatisfied
  • Reason for calling your call center
  • Risk of cancellation and more.

Call center speech analytics technology enables companies to extract and transform critical business insights, in these call center agent-customer interactions, into actionable business data.

Analyze Speech and Categorize Call Center Calls

CallFinder’s call center analytics reporting solution uses powerful phonetic indexing technology to analyze speech and categorize every call into custom search definitions that you create, based on your business objectives.

Our speech analytics solution indexes and automatically scans every customer conversation captured in your audio recordings. By automatically scanning 100% of your incoming customer calls, CallFinder speech analytics provides call data to help prepare your workforce for improving their performance, script compliance and overall handling of customer needs — all in the effort to provide exceptional customer experiences for every customer, every time.

Accessing your contact center analytics leverages the content of every customer conversation to extract and reveal business insights useful for:

  • Improve the customer experience by understanding and improving their satisfaction levels.
  • Optimize internal processes and cost-saving opportunities.
  • Collect competitive, product, and market intelligence.
  • Measure marketing impact and effectiveness.
  • Reduce customer attrition rates.
  • Build and confirm customer and sales data.
  • Ensure script compliance among the call center workforce, making sure employees are meeting industry regulations and company policies.

Features of CallFinder

CallFinder’s feature-rich call center analytics solution includes:

  1. Real-time Call Categorization
  2. Keyword Phrase Search
  3. Searchable Call Log
  4. Instant Call Audio Indexing and Review
  5. Simple Call Analytics Dashboard
  6. Call Tracking Analytics
  7. Phonetic Indexing For Precision

Start discovering the conversations that are taking place every day between your call center agents and your customers with call center analytics from CallFinder.

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