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CallFinder is a cloud-based speech analytics solution suited for businesses and call centers of all sizes and within all industries. With CallFinder call recording and speech analytics technology, you can access and extract conversation content taking place every day with your customers. Extracting business insights using the searchable call log and detailed search results will help you capture the customer experience, optimize operational efficiencies, and improve productivity.

Categorize, Tag and Makes Notes on Call RecordingsSearchable Call Log - Search Results

CallFinder’s web-based speech analytics dashboard provides useful ways to further segment your call recordings and call data to make trend analysis from customer calls and identifying call patterns intuitive.

The CallFinder call logging software dashboard provides you with direct access to each categorized call recording so that you can create custom tags and notes on any call record.

The searchable call log that is presented delivers details on the call recording such as date, time, phone number dialed, as well as caller addresses. You can further categorize calls using the employee code tracking solution to segment your call recordings by employee while the search results filter panel gives you further refining capabilities.

Demo the CallFinder Call Log Software Dashboard

Learn more about using CallFinder’s searchable call log, which allows you to identify pertinent keywords and phrases, present in the conversations taking place between your employees and customers. Extract key business insights and turn them into actionable, profitable change to improve overall business performance.

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