Instant Call Audio Review

Extract Business Insights Instantly with Speech Analytics

CallFinder Audio PlayerUse CallFinder’s call recording and speech analytics technology to perform instant call audio review and pinpoint the exact moment when specific keywords and phrases occur in conversations taking place between your employees and customers.

Instant call audio review capabilities provide real-time categorization of your recordings for analysis by the various customer-facing departments within the organization.

With CallFinder, you can select an unlimited number of contacts to automatically receive statistical reports based on CallFinder searches. Sales, customer service, call center managers, and other departments will have access to these conversations, allowing them to analyze the customer experience their specific employees may be delivering, uncover valuable leads, and react quickly to problems and opportunities.

Accurate, Flexible, Scalable Technology

CallFinder’s phonetic indexing technology is accurate, flexible, and scalable to meet your business needs. Phoneme-based search phrases capture keywords and phrases regardless of regional accents, jargon, along with other terms that may not be found by dictionary-based solutions.

Experience CallFinder Cloud-based Speech Analytics

To experience CallFinder, please contact us to schedule a demo with a CallFinder specialist. Explore the user-interface, discuss potential business objectives, and learn how a speech analytics solution will help you extract critical data points from the conversations you’re already having with your customers.

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