Call Tracking Analytics Dashboard

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CallFinder’s user-friendly interface provides a comprehensive snapshot of your call analytics, displaying direct access to your searches, search results, and the keywords and phrases that define your searches. You will also have access to a variety of search filters available to further drill into the call tracking analytics to discover trends in your customer conversations.

Building a new search is quick and simple. Once you have defined your objectives and know what specific call analytics you want to capture, it only takes minutes to begin collecting real time, automated call analytics.

Learn more about real time call categorization and the benefits of using CallFinder’s phonetic indexing technology to build searches, capture the most comprehensive and accurate call tracking analytics, assess trends in your business and improve operations within all departments.

Easy Access to Recordings and Instances of Keywords and Phrases

Access each individual call recording using the audio player. You can play the call in its entirety or jump directly to the point within the conversation that specific keywords and phrases occur – the moment where the conversation is most relevant. Pertinent keywords and phrases are displayed in phrase bubbles for easy identification.

Call Analytics on Every Recorded Conversation

Learn more about the suite of call tracking and monitoring reports you’ll gain access to when you implement call recording, with speech analytics, from CallFinder.

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