Automated Call Center Reporting

Access Call Metrics with CallFinder

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Not only does CallFinder search your call recordings for keywords and phrases to help you address business objectives and overcome common challenges, our solution also provides phone call analytics on every incoming call so you can capture essential customer information and call pattern metrics.

With CallFinder automated call center reporting software, you’ll have access to powerful call analytics such as:

  • Caller addresses and demographics
  • First-time callers
  • Repeat callers
  • Unique callers
  • Hourly, Daily and Weekly call metrics

You can also monitor missed calls to help identify scheduling challenges that need to be addressed to ensure your call center is appropriately staffed in order to avoid long hold times and calls that go unanswered.

Receive Automated Reports to Keep You Informed, in Real-time

Use CallFinder’s automated call center reporting feature to:

  • Receive top-line search statistics such as number of calls found, and number of calls that contain a specific search phrase.
  • Schedule daily reports for an unlimited number of contacts of CallFinder search performance to track trends.
  • Set up email of statistical reports.

Easily share these customer insights with the relevant business units within your company so that actions can be implemented on department levels to achieve business goals.

Translate Calls into Clear, Actionable Data

Knowing which phone call analytics to focus your attention on can be a crucial factor in understanding customer actions such as when they are most likely to call, how many unique callers versus repeat callers you have, and which marketing programs are driving the most inquiries.

Utilizing a comprehensive call analysis solution, complete with automated reporting, will provide detailed reports to make it easy to analyze customer actions by pulling all of your data together in one place.

A robust customer intelligence-gathering strategy that combines call analytics, call recording and speech analytics is one that helps businesses improve operational efficiency, enhance the customer experience, improve the bottom line, close knowledge gaps, and play a key role in keeping a company growing.

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