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Call Center Software That Automates Your QA

If you're looking for the best call center software to monitor your calls, turn to the speech analytics experts at CallFinder for the best QA software on the market. While call quality monitoring has changed over the years, today's call centers need a modern QA process to stay ahead of the competition. CallFinder's advanced cloud technology efficiently scans, analyzes, and evaluates 100% of your inbound and outbound calls. If your call center hasn't automated your quality assurance, let CallFinder help you reap all the benefits that you're missing.
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Why Automate Your QA?

One of the biggest benefits of automating your QA process with our call center software is that it provides the ability to share call data and agent insights throughout your entire company. Calls can be analyzed using an array of criteria that different departments within your company can use to improve their internal processes, connect with customers better, forecast sales more accurately, and even adjust schedules according to call volumes. Plus, our automated call monitoring software makes it easy to track the metrics that matter most to your business, including average handle time, customer satisfaction scores, first call resolution rates, net promoter scores, and call conversion rates.
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How Our Clients Benefit from Call Center Software

Mitchell Taylor
Methodist Health System increases payment plan percentages by 25% and self-pay collections by 150K per month.

Mitchell Taylor

Director of Collections
Jennifer Small
Aware Recovery Care increases admissions by coaching agents to handle calls with empathy using sentiment and emotion analysis.

Jennifer Small

Lead Admission Specialist
Erin Carmona
Best Dental significantly reduces patient call review time, and provides their Dental clients with call data and patient experience insights.

Erin Carmona

Director of First Impressions

Take the guesswork out of Quality Assurance & take control of Your Success

CallFinder's solutions analyze every recorded customer interaction to provide a nuanced understanding of your customers while uncovering agent knowledge gaps so you can improve the KPIs that matter most to your business. Our automated scorecard solution comes with an experienced Speech Analyst who works with you to set goals and create strategies to ensure that you get your desired outcomes. Get started with a custom quote.
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