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Ask Your Customer Service Teams These 14 Questions in 2014

Make sure your business is starting the New Year off right I found this article on Business 2 Community and want to share Ask your customer service teams, and call center agents, these 14 questions and you'll be prepared to and on your way to deliver an exceptional customer experience, every[...]

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How to Excel at Delivering a Superlative Customer Experience

Companies that provide excellent customer experiences train their customer-facing employees well   Below are eight specific things that quality training and expert customer service companies are exceling at, along with tips on how you can improve in these areas as well Customer-facing employees[...]

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Fortune 500 Uses CallFinder Speech Analytics to Ensure Script Compliance

One of our customers happens to be a Fortune 500 company After using CallFinder's speech analytics solution for about six months, they have successfully identified where agents are going off-script Armed with this data, the company improved their training programs to reduce compliance[...]

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