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Ensure Script Compliance with Speech Analytics Software

We operate in a highly regulated world, which means that your call center employees need to know your company policies, which your legal and business consultants have helped you to craft into a script or business process That script or process needs to be accessed and activated right away or else[...]

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Call Recording for Quality and Compliance

For businesses that play in the world of finance, like banks, mortgage lends, or advisers, recording customer calls is a necessity to help protect your business from facing potential litigation   The Truth in Lending Act states that there are specific pieces of information that must be disclosed[...]

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Monitor, Ensure Script Compliance with Speech Analytics

The last in our series of common business challenges that can be addressed by capturing the voice of customers is ensuring script compliance “Compliance” means the customer service center or contact center, its employees, and each interaction with customers conforms to a clearly[...]

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6 Reasons to Add Speech Analytics to Your 2013 Business Strategy

Customer experience is the key differentiator between your company and a competitor How do you make sure you are delivering the best possible customer experience, on every call Speech analytics is how Our affordable cloud-based solution allows you to search and analyze the content of every[...]

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What is the Implementation Process Like at CallFinder?

Whether your goal is to gain competitive and market intelligence, ensure risk compliance, monitor agent performance, or measure the customer experience, CallFinder makes it easy to implement a speech analytics solution.

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